WUE Schools in Washington

WUE Schools in Washington in 2024

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Washington offers residents an amazing array of public college and university choices through the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) program. If you’re a resident wanting to pursue an affordable out-of-state bachelor’s degree, exploring WUE schools can open up a world of exciting opportunities. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll define WUE, detail the financial savings it provides, and introduce you to the top WUE options in Washington to help you make an informed decision about your future.

What is WUE? Understanding the Western Undergraduate Exchange Program

The Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) established the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) program in 1987 to increase interstate educational opportunities for residents in Western states. Through WUE, students from participating states can enroll at designated public colleges and universities in other Western states and pay reduced tuition levels—usually 150% of the institution’s resident tuition.

In short, WUE provides substantial tuition savings if you’re willing to cross state lines for your undergraduate education. It opens up excellent public college and university options that may not be available or as affordable in your home state.

To qualify for WUE tuition rates, you must be a resident of a participating WICHE state. Washington is one of 16 states that participates in WUE. You can use WUE to attend a designated public school in any other participating state, including colleges and universities within Washington.

WUE Schools in Washington

Here’s a closer look at some of the top WUE options available to Washington residents within the state:

Western Washington University

Located in scenic Bellingham near the Canadian border, Western Washington University (WWU) is one of the largest WUE schools in Washington. With over 15,000 students, WWU offers 100+ academic programs including unique concentrations in environmental studies, marine ecology, performing arts, and more.

Through WUE, Washington residents pay just 150% of in-state tuition at WWU—saving over $10,000 per year compared to out-of-state rates. WWU graduates enjoy strong career outcomes, with 95% employed or in grad school within a year of graduating. The woodland campus oozes Northwest charm and is within easy access of Vancouver, BC and Seattle.

Central Washington University

Nestled in the scenic central region of Washington, Central Washington University (CWU) enrolls over 11,000 students across its Ellensburg campus and satellite locations. CWU is known for hands-on, career-focused programs in fields like aviation, engineering tech, visual communication design, and recreation management.

WUE tuition at CWU is only 150% of resident rates, equating to annual savings of over $10,000 compared to non-resident costs. Ellensburg has a small town feel surrounded by the Cascade Mountains, Yakima River, and wine country—great for outdoor exploring between classes. Career services help CWU grads land jobs both locally and across the U.S.

Washington State University

As the largest and most research-intensive public university in the state, Washington State University (WSU) has much to offer both in and out of the classroom. The flagship Pullman campus enrolls over 21,000 students annually across 150+ majors. Popular programs include veterinary medicine, agriculture, communications, engineering, and more.

Through WUE, Washington residents get in-state tuition rates plus only an additional 50% surcharge at WSU—one of the lowest WUE premiums in the region. This equates to annual tuition savings of over $15,000 versus non-resident costs. WSU alumni enjoy a strong professional network and career outcomes across the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Eastern Washington University

Located in Cheney just south of Spokane, Eastern Washington University (EWU) has offered residential higher education for over 120 years. With 10,000+ students, EWU provides affordable access to 130+ areas of study including graphic design, criminal justice, speech/hearing science, and outdoor recreation.

A Western Undergraduate Exchange agreement makes EWU one of the most budget-friendly options for Washington residents, charging only 150% of resident tuition. Beautiful trails, rivers, and nature areas surround the campus, perfect for unwinding between classes. EWU graduates enjoy high post-graduation employment rates and career success across the Inland Northwest region.

Additional WUE School Options in Washington

While the above four schools are among the most popular WUE choices for Washington residents, they’re not the only possibilities. Here are a few more options to consider that also qualify for the Western Undergraduate Exchange tuition rate:

  • The Evergreen State College (Olympia): Known for its innovative multidisciplinary curriculum and social justice focus. Rural yet close to the Capitol.
  • Washington State University Vancouver: Rapidly growing branch campus in SW Washington offering 100+ majors at a lower cost than Pullman.
  • University of Washington Bothell: Suburban branch of the flagship UW system north of Seattle specializing in STEM and health programs.
  • University of Washington Tacoma: Urban branch campus in the Puget Sound metro area with strong programs in business, education, interdisciplinary arts & sciences.
  • Northwest University (Kirkland): Private Christian university offering degrees in theology, education, business and more with a supportive campus community.

Making the Most of WUE Tuition Savings

For Washington residents, taking advantage of WUE at an in-state public college or university makes higher education far more affordable and accessible. Here are some tips for maximizing your WUE tuition discount:

  • Apply early – WUE schools cap enrollment each year, so apply as early as possible for best chance at acceptance and WUE eligibility.
  • Meet GPA requirements – Maintain at least a 2.0 high school or transfer GPA depending on the school to qualify for WUE as an incoming or transfer student.
  • Consider on-campus housing – Room & board rates are often comparable to living off-campus, providing a full college experience
  • Watch transfer limits – Some schools limit WUE benefits to just the first 2 years; carefully plan an AA or transfer pathway.
  • Leverage scholarships – Use WUE as a launching point to earn additional merit or need-based aid on top of the tuition discount.
  • Stay on track – If you drop below full-time enrollment or your GPA falters, you risk losing your WUE eligibility.


As a Washington resident, the Western Undergraduate Exchange program unlocks top-tier public university options both within the state and across the Western region at a fraction of the usual out-of-state cost. Through diligent research of each school’s academic strengths, location factors, and career outcomes, along with use of available WUE guidance resources, you can make an informed choice to transform your higher education pathway and set yourself up for future success. Start exploring your WUE possibilities in Washington state today!

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