Barbering Jobs in Canada for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

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Are you seeking a career change and an opportunity for a better life abroad? Canada may have the perfect solution for you. The barbering industry in Canada is flourishing and there is high demand for skilled professionals like yourself. With proper training and certification, barbering can offer secure employment with career advancement prospects, even for immigrants. This article will provide helpful information on barbering jobs in Canada that offer visa sponsorship for foreign workers.

Canada has a growing need for skilled barbers as the population continues to expand in major cities. At the same time, many Canadians are pursuing alternative careers or starting their own businesses. This leaves requirements unfilled within the industry for hairdressers, hairstylists and barbers. The Canadian government recognizes this deficit and has employment and immigration programs to support recruiting applicants from overseas. If you have a positive work ethic and customer service skills along with barbering essentials, you can qualify for these opportunities with visa sponsorship included.

Let’s explore what it takes to become a barber in Canada as an immigrant. We’ll look at entry level qualifications, high paying regions across the country, salary ranges you can expect and top websites to search open positions. By learning the requirements and earning your certifications, you can gain the chance at a new life and career in this welcoming nation through their dedicated immigration streams for skilled barbers. Canada wants you to succeed and this industry can provide that pathway if it matches your talents and dreams of a better future.

Entry Level Skills and Experience Required

To gain relevant work experience as a barber in Canada, most provinces require a government issued license. While certification requirements may vary slightly between regions, typical qualifications involve:

  • Minimum high school diploma or equivalent education
  • Completion of a government-approved barbering program (1,200 to 2,000 hours) at a vocational or technical institution
  • Passing provincial exams on sanitation practices, tools handling, haircutting techniques and safety protocols
  • Current First Aid certification
  • Clear provincial criminal background check
  • English language fluency for communication with clients
  • Strong hand-eye coordination and steady hand skills

Ideally, 2 years experience as a junior or assistant barber in your home country can make you more competitive forsponsored jobs in Canada. However, dedicated trainees with the right attitude can also gain that experience through on-the-job training under a licensed barber in their new Canadian community. Contact individual provincial regulatory bodies to verify their current barber licensing procedures if relocating as an immigrant.

Regions in Canada with the Highest Payment Structures

British Columbia

Barbers in BC earn among the highest wages in Canada, averaging $45,000 per year according to Service Canada reports. Many self-employed barbers in Vancouver and surrounding areas can make over $70,000 yearly after just 3-5 years experience. Popular shops pay at least $15-25 per haircut depending on services, with a 40% commission on retail products sold. Vancouver Island communities like Victoria also offer stable barbering opportunities.


Ontario barbers take home about $37,000 annually but wages increase significantly in larger cities like Toronto, Ottawa and Waterloo. Commission-based pay averaging $20-35 per haircut is common at successful parlors. Hair professionals in Toronto can earn upwards of $60,000 per annum due to high client volume and premium downtown locations. JobBank Canada indicates ongoing high demand across Ontario.


The Alberta barbering sector pays approximately $36,000 per year according to regional reports. However, earnings potential is greater in economic hubs like Calgary and Edmonton. Experienced barbers have reported incomes exceeding $50,000 from reputable full-service shops. Piece-rate schedules of $15-30 per haircut also offer upside earning power linked to rapid chair turnover.


Quebec barbers make an estimated average salary of $32,000 but wages climb higher in metro areas. Montreal barbers can net $48,000-plus annually offering haircuts at $18-28 each. Commission percentages reach 50% when providing additional hair services. Rural and northern Quebec barbers may face smaller clientele but enjoy a lower cost of living.

Nova Scotia

Halifax remains a growing center for barbering in Nova Scotia with reported average earnings around $34,000. However, wages have increased up to 10% in recent years due to high job availability. Independent licensees build steady clientele and potentially double their income over time in areas like Dartmouth, Bridgewater and Truro.

Salary Scale for Immigrants

The following table outlines salary ranges barber immigrants can anticipate earning in Canada’s major provinces according to their level of experience:

Province 1-2 Years Experience 3-5 Years Experience 6-10 Years Experience
British Columbia $32,000-40,000 $45,000-55,000 $55,000-70,000
Ontario $28,000-35,000 $37,000-45,000 $45,000-60,000
Alberta $30,000-35,000 $36,000-45,000 $45,000-55,000
Quebec $25,000-30,000 $32,000-40,000 $40,000-50,000
Nova Scotia $26,000-32,000 $34,000-40,000 $40,000-45,000


As shown, earnings rise consistently over the course of a barber’s career through experience gained and specialized services offered. Those who pursue advanced certifications in areas like men’s hair design or esthetics can further increase income potential.

Employment Websites to Find Opportunities

The following job search resources are excellent starting points for immigrant barbers seeking work and sponsorship in Canada:

  • – Government of Canada job board listing open positions across all industries nationwide. Filter for ‘hairstylist’ or related.
  • – Extremely large database of Canadian job opportunities uploaded directly by employers. Search ‘barber’ and location.
  • – Dedicated site exclusively featuring hairstyling vocations open at salons country-wide. Specify province.
  • – Robust multi-industry board used by top corporations. Enter location and ‘barber’ in keyword search.
  • – Website connects job seeking barbers directly to hiring shops across Canada. Create a profile.
  • – Explore hiring companies and reach out direct via the business social network.

Thoroughly researching options online, by phone and making connections will boost your chances of landing a sponsored barbering job in the Canadian region that suits you best.


The barbering profession presents a stable career path to immigration success for motivated individuals in Canada. With proper training credentials and a bit of on-site experience, foreign barbers stand an excellent opportunity to gain long-term employment and sponsorship to support relocation. Canada’s welcoming approach to immigrant workers fills real needs within the growing hair industry nation-wide. By learning about the job requirements, wage structures and available opportunities, you can make an educated choice on starting over in one of these economically robust provinces. With good customer skills and a strong work ethic, the possibilities await dedicated barbers seeking new horizons. I hope this information proves helpful in determining your next steps toward barbering abroad in beautiful Canada.

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