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Pet care while on summer vacation – Top options and major tips and tricks

As summer vacations time comes, all of us pet lovers are often faced with the challenge of what to do with our furry friends. For some people the easiest solution is just to get the pet with themselves and enjoy the vacation together, some want just to have time for themselves while others are limited due to the pet being too big, small, has some respiratory issues or just is not keen on travelling.

Generally speaking, what everyone agrees on is that by planning well ahead, one can definitely diminish he sense of worries about leaving the pet behind while heading on vacation.

Whether a pet sitter will visit your house to take care of your four-legged buddy or you’re boarding your pet friend, there are more than a few things you may do to make it way easier for you and your pet.

If worried about how your pet will spend the days while you’re away? Then feel free to do some research and check popular sites to check how other people are handling same situations and what is the best possible solution.

Many travellers tend to look to friends and neighbours for assisted and/or short-term pet care, and although in many this plan may be working, many pet owners agree that it just usually works a little better if you can manage this process in more of a business sense than just a favour. By simply hiring a pet-sitter or taking your pet to boarding you are not just asking for a favour but rather expect a well-delivered service.

Always check for ideas, feedbacks and recommendations in your initial circle of friends and if you can’t find a pet sitter that way, you can always check online or post an ad.

Tips and tricks are always in order in such cases. Here are some for being sure your dog or cat are ready for a boarding facility or a pet sitter:

  • Check with the veterinarian for vaccinations, bug or tick treatments, capsules, pills and documents
  • Always put your cell number on the pet’s collar
  • Be sure that all information about food, medications, vet help and most importantly – toys are well noted
  • Offer practical and clear guidelines for the pet’s character and how to deal with temper issues
  • Note the feeding, walking and napping schedule and ask for it to be respected
  • Leave an unwashed clothing of yours so the pet can be comforted by your scent while you’re away

Due to many factors, it is not often possible or needed to take pets on vacation. One option is to book a stay at a boarding place that provides a cozy place for your pet to sleep, play, eat and exercise. On the other hand, if your furry friend isn’t too keen on hanging out with unacquainted animal friends or has some specific medical needs, it would be more comfortable with the familiarity of his own home environment while you are absent – therefore hiring a professional pet sitter is another practical option.