Green Cleaning

Tired of having sneezing fits and allergic reactions every time you have a Cleaning Service in Dubai or your maid in Dubai come in to clean your house? You need to get rid of those chemical laden cleaning agents that are so in vogue these days.

Believe it or not most household cleaning supplies contain a host of extremely harmful substances.

We use a number of cleaning agents for different purposes at home, these include detergents, dis cleaning liquids, bleaching agents, polishes, scouring chemicals, glass cleaners and what not. We never think twice about picking them off the shelves and hardly ever bother to check for the ingredients. But next time when you do use these agents, check the labels and you are sure to find toxic chemicals such as

  • Phthalates: found in most perfumed cleaning products including soap and air-freshener. They cause health problems which include endocrine disruption causing low fertility.
  • Perchloroethylene: found in spot removers and carpet cleaners, it is a neurotoxin and may also be a carcinogen. May cause dizziness, loss of co-ordination, etc. when exposed to it for longer periods of time.
  • Triclosan: you will find them in dishwashing soaps and anti-bacterial hand wash and soaps. It can promote the growth of drug resistant bacteria.
  • Butoxyethanol: This is a part of most window cleaning agents, kitchen and other multipurpose cleaners. This can cause breathing disorders and a sore throat.
  • Ammonia: this is commonly present in polishing agents and glass cleaners. It can cause severe distress to people who suffer from asthma and breathing problems.

These are only some of the chemicals we are talking about.

There are many more that are equally harmful. So, the way to go about cleaning your home is to find green cleaning agents. There are many cleaning services and maids in Dubai that use only green cleaning products. There are many brands of green cleaners available in the market, but the best way to ensure that you have a chemical free house is to use as much as possible of ingredients from your own kitchen. One of the best cleaning agents that you can find in your kitchen is the baking soda. It can be used as a scouring agent, an oven cleaner, a drain opener and even as a deodorizer. It can be used to clean a mattress, remove stains, clean carpets and even clean the tiles and grout. When combined with lemon juice or white vinegar it is a very effective cleaner and can tackle even the toughest of dirt.

Stay away from perfumed soaps and detergents. Use unperfumed products where possible. Use lemon juice to remove stains from the clothes. If necessary, use chlorine-free bleaching powder where possible.

To polish metal, use your favourite toothpaste. It makes an excellent polish and what is good for your teeth is good for your health. Another way to polish to a sparkle is to use vodka. Especially for reflective and shiny surfaces like mirror or chrome.

To clean window panes use vinegar and soft cloth. Or use distilled water and liquid soap made with soap nuts. The best cleaning agents in your pantry are vinegar and baking soda they are nontoxic and cheap. So explore the world of green cleaning and keep your home toxin free.