Environmental Cleaning

environmental cleaning services dubai

Proper sanitization is essential to prevent infections

Environmental Cleaning Services Dubai

When we speak of Environmental Cleaning Services Dubai, we mean cleaning services that undertake the job of decontaminating and cleaning to prevent infections and cross contamination. Generally speaking, this type of cleaning service is required in healthcare centers and homes where people suffer from infectious diseases.

Environmental Cleaning Guidelines

Environmental Cleaning services have to follow very strict cleaning guidelines to ensure a completely sanitized and decontaminated area.

The cleaners are expected to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Sanitizing hands properly before and after cleaning. If the hands get too dirty, resume only after cleaning them with soap and water.
  • Using gloves at all times and changing them after cleaning a particularly dirty area or going from one room to another. Using the right gloves for the right job.
  • Pay attention to high touch areas such as handles, call buttons, phones, remotes, switches, etc.They need to be cleaned properly to avoid contamination.
  • Proper Cleaning procedure from clean to dirty and high to low. Changing cleaning cloths frequently.
  • Prevent germs flying in the air: Using proper methods to avoid germs getting back on to the cleaned surfaces.
  • Using proper cleaning products and disinfectants.
  • Cleaning surfaces before disinfecting.
  • Dealing with stains, damages and pests.
  • Clean and sanitize equipment properly after work.

Not Just a Maid Services adheres to all the guidelines for environmental cleaning and ensure that the space cleaned is truly disinfected and completely sanitized before we leave. To order Environmental cleaning of your home or facility, contact us.